• Q1What is a benefit to use EPSON Voice LSI?
                      • ABy using voice creation PC tool,
                        • reduce development cost(studio recording fee etc)
                        • reduce development human resource

                        Small memory size(16kbps) for voice data & high quality(16kHz) by EPSON original voice format:eov.

                      • Q2How to select EPSON Voice guidance LSI?
                      • APlease refer to the following.
                        Requirement EPSON offer Structure
                        long voice data S1V3G340(ROMless) S1V3G340 + SPI-Flash + External AMP
                        frequently change S1V3G340(ROMless) S1V3G340 + SPI-Flash + External AMP
                        frequently voice increase S1V3G340(ROMless) S1V3G340 + SPI-Flash + External AMP
                        Host CPU has enough memory S1V3G340(ROMless) S1V3G340 + External AMP
                        within a few min(up to 5min) voice and without external memory S1V3034x(MASK ROM) S1V3034x + External AMP
                        Evaluation, initial release for S1V3034x S1V3S344(Flash) S1V3S344x + External AMP
                        short message(up to 30sec) and standalone control S1V30080(MASK ROM) S1V30080x + External AMP
                      • Q3Application to be used
                      • AConsumer electronics, home electronics, medical, OA, automotive, security, FA etc
                      • Q4Supply voltage for S1V3G340/S1V3034x/S1V30080
                      • Asingle power supply : 2.2V ~ 5.5
                      • Q5Supply voltage for S1V3S344
                      • A
                        • single power supply : 4.5V ~ 5.5V
                        • single power supply : 3.0V ~ 3.6V
                      • Q6Recommended Operating temperature for S1V3G340/S1V3034x/S1V30080
                      • A-40℃~85℃
                      • Q7Recommended Operating temperature for S1V3S344
                      • AErase/Write: -40℃~70℃
                        Read: -40℃~85℃
                      • Q8How simple to control EPSON Voice Guidance LSI
                      • AJust simple serial command interface, so it's possible to control by 8bit CPU.
                      • Q9Evaluation Board available?
                      • AYes.
                      • Q10Any benefit to use EPSON Voice creation tool, already have voice data though.
                      • APlease imagine to add new sentence on minor change, without EPSON Voice creation tool, it is necessary to book studio, announcer and need to pay the cost.
                        Only 1 line text input is enough to add by EPSON Voice creation tool.
                      • Q11EPSON has a service to prepare the voice data?
                      • ANo, please create & check by yourself.

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